What we do

Whether your company is a large or small, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that Adventech Group, Inc.® approach to project implementation and management is tailored to your specific company profile. Our proven approach includes the effective and consistent use of a framework, guidelines, and principles which comprises our Project Management methodology. Our structured approach is derived from a combination of proven past results combined with the best practices from years of experience in today’s market.

Adventech Group, Inc.® applies our best practice technical experience which is field-tested and honored over more than a decade to implement and integrate the recommended solution into your existing operations. We work to ensure that your systems are up and running quickly and efficiently, new solutions are seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, ramp-up time is kept to a minimum, and you encounter no guesswork during the technology deployment.

Adventech Group, Inc.® helps make your Information systems operational with the best of hardware and software migration services. We regularly perform migrations from a variety of operating systems and products.

  • Servers and Workstations
    • All versions of Microsoft-based server and client operating systems.
    • Enterprise server software including but not limited to Exchange and SQL.
  • Network Infrastructure
    • All aspects of LAN, WAN, or wireless networks.
  • Storage and Backups
    • All aspects of storage area networks (SAN) solutions.
    • All tape, tape library, and OFFSITE BACKUP SOLUTIONS.
      • Including but limited to Veritas, CommVault, and ARCserve.
  • Security
    • All aspects of firewalls, routers, intrusion prevention systems (IPS).
      • Including but not limited to Cisco, 3Com, and HP.
    • Software security suits including but not limited to email inspection, antivirus protection, spyware protection, and web content filtering.

We assist our clients to successfully implement efficient and streamlined integrated solutions that support business growth and leverage existing infrastructures.

Adventech Group, Inc.® Network Design and Implementation expertise transforms Network Assessment results and/or Strategic Planning recommendations into a reality.

Adventech Group, Inc.® seeks to understand business system requirements. Gather data about roles/responsibilities, use of technology, information requirements, and technology challenges. An Adventech Group, Inc.® consultant works with your team to outline the details of the project plan, allowing us to develop a solution that meets your requirements while taking into consideration potential future infrastructure expansion.

Adventech Group, Inc.® concept enables us to design and test your solution in an environment that emulates your own infrastructure, yet it has no impact on your business-critical systems. The advantages of a proof of concept is that it is a low-risk, low-cost approach to ensuring that your solution will work exactly as you expect it to work once it is in production.